Sleep-Deprived Job Interview

Mr. Harkey, your 2 o’clock is here. Oh, good, send him in. Thank you. Mr. Berg. Nice to meet you. Oh, ’tis pleasure to acquaint your niceness. Are you okay? Oh, uh, well, full disclosure, I have not slumbered in tres días.

I’m feeling a little ♪ sleepy ♪ Oh, okay. You sing. Uh no, not really, um. It’s just when I get tired I get a little ♪ musical ♪ ♪ Bo-bo-do-br-br. ♪ ♪ Whoop! ♪ Boop. [Whispering] I really want this job. Oh, grab a seat, Mr. Berg. If you don’t mind me asking, why haven’t you slept in so long? Well, my roomie’s goldfish, ugh, it was getting too big for his bowl. Needless to say, my apartment flooded,

was destroyed. But don’t worry, I just retyped my resume. You mean resumé. Yes, you may. Oh, okay. Uh, thank you. Alright, um, let’s see. Oh, I see you’ve graduated from Harvard Law School. Mm, well uh, no. That’s a typo. It should say UCLA. Guess I was just thinking of “Legally Blonde.” That explains the picture of Reese Witherspoon. Well, you know what they say, better to be Witherspoon than without a spoon. Mr. Berg, your resume is surprisingly impressive, assuming that there are no more typos. Well, yep, yep, well, it looks good. Except for the part about being the first female pilot. That was my father, Amelio Earheart. [Chuckles] [Bonks head] [Groan] Oh, tray tables up. Okay.

What was the question? I didn’t ask you a question, Mr. Berg. Let me tell you a little story. Shh. I am a passionate marketing and everyone should passionate why the do. My girlfriend is ♪ Reese Witherspoon.   Okay, um. What? Where are these coming from?

Mr. Berg! Mr. Berg, you are very eccentric, but, you are clearly very passionate, and I think I’d like to hire you. What? Girl, say that again! NO, SHUT UP! I need to tell you something! It’s a secret, and it’s important, but I think I can trust you. You know what? Okay, shh, listen. Look into my eyes. Mister, come on, be on my team. I really loved you in “The Avengers.” Tell me I’m a superhero. Okay…  Subscribe, like and share.   Ok, yeah, and comment below about someone who’s tone deaf. Share the video with them also. Trust me, they’ll really appreciate it.

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