How to Answer Interview Questions for Internal Job Interviews

Hey everybody, Don Georgevich here. Have you ever had a job interview where you’re competing against one of your colleagues? Today, I want to talk about it; internal job interview. So, this is where you’re applying for another job within the same company that you already work at and you’re likely competing against someone you know  another colleague. And you want this job more than they do. So,

I want to show you how to position yourself as the best candidate   the logical candidate for the job. I want to show you how you can leverage your own attributes and skills to demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job. And the first thing you want to do is carefully read and understand that job description. And because you already work there, you’re probably one of the most qualified people to read between the lines and understand what they’re really looking for in this position. So, what you want to do is relate your skills and experiences towards the requirements for this job. The way to do this is to talk about projects that you have worked on, where the skillset for those is related to the requirements for this position. And you want to use those past projects and experiences as leverage.

You want to let them know that,  Because I have done these kind of things in my past job, here is how I can do these kind of things for you in this new position . You want to connect the dots for them. You want to show them why you’re qualified. You don’t want to just say,  Yeah, I can do this job. Just give me a chance . That doesn’t work. You need to show them, through your past experience and skills and connect those dots and show them logically why you’re the right person for this job. Now the second element of this is you need to understand who you’re competing against. You need to understand this individual or this group of individuals and you need to understand what their strengths are and their weaknesses are. And once you understand their weaknesses and their strengths,

will allow you to compete against them. Now, in the interview, you don’t want to bring them up and throw them under bus or anything like that. But what you want to do is you want to talk about your strengths as an asset and why the person that they hire for this position needs these certain strengths and these skills and these experiences. These should also be some things that maybe your competition doesn’t have. Maybe your colleague doesn’t have these experiences. So, this is your opportunity to really brag about the things that you’ve done and say you want to show them that all of the things that you’ve worked on are essential. You want to like educate them and say,

The person you bring into this position should have the skillset and should have these experiences  and these are all the things that you have. And hopefully, these are things that your competition doesn’t have. So, this is a way to kind of throw your competition under the bus without saying,  You don’t want to hire him. He’s no good. He doesn’t have the experience I have . You want to talk about the things that you do and suggest that these should be criteria for hiring somebody into this position; very well knowing that your competition doesn’t have these experiences and these skills. That’s how you win. So, you have to understand what your competition doesn’t have and then you can beat them.

really the best way to beat anybody at anything; is to know what your opponent’s weaknesses are. Then you can take them out, then you can win. So, to win at the internal job interview, you have to completely understand the job description. You have to connect the dots for your interview or show them why you are uniquely qualified for the job and all the while, understanding what your opponent’s weaknesses are. And then  almost a slam dunk. You can walk away with the job. You want to demonstrate everything that you have to offer; which is going to be more than what your colleagues or your competition has to offer and you want to do this without throwing your competition under the bus.

that way, you look like a classy interviewer, because you’re there educating them about you as it relates to this position and helping them out and telling them what they need and how you can make a contribution to this new position and the projects that are going to follow. And how you are uniquely qualified to do this where other people might not have the same skills that you do; which should be a requirement this position. If you do that, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to be one of the candidates in the final round of interviewing.

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