Body Language That Gets The Job

so often we make business contacts by telephone by email through social media it may be months or even years before we meet when we do we’ve made a good first impression but then our body language kicks in does it help us or hurt us Christine Yogi’s going to talk about that with us I’m looking forward to meeting Deborah for the first time in person and here are the things that I’ll be looking for in terms of how I draw or form that initial impression number one eye contact does she look at me directly to it is the quality of her voice does it sound inviting no doubt we’ll shake hands so

I’ll be feeling for the firmness of her handshake and then finally what does she say what is her opening message to me can’t wait to meet Deborah I’m so glad that we could do this um I’d like to talk a little bit about the things that people do to help their case or hurt their case when they finally meet someone after making that connection by email by phone through social media and when you and I spoke on the telephone you mentioned that the voice is the one thing that carries over both from the phone to person so let’s start with that and how does what people do with their voices help them or hurt them if there’s any element of how we present ourselves that’s overlooked by most people it is the quality of your voice but the starting point is knowing how you sound does your voice

project confidence is the tone warm does it have resonance or on the other hand could your voice each glass a common mistake and it’s not even so much a mistake but it’s more of just a function of nerves if you are a junior person and may be interviewing for first job it’s not unexpected that you might speak more quickly your pace may be too quick but to know that if you lower the tone of your voice a little bit that literally adds more meaning to your words a lower tone sounds more substantive and what you’re talking about sounds more important so would you meet someone for the first time I think the things that are really important are number one eye contact so I was looking to see would you look me in the eye and you did and that was a very positive signal when you’re talking about something that’s really important to you don’t look away mid-sentence but hold your eye contact until the end of the sentence or the end of the thought what if we need a little break to look down

at some point when when can we do that yeah you could do get to blink not blinking is a little zombie like that will look a little odd to the person that you’re talking to so absolutely you want good steady eye contact what you don’t want to do is the eyes up towards the ceiling as if the answers are hidden they’re shifty eyes back and forth darting which makes you look very nervous or constant up and so good steady eye contact you know you need to break away a little bit and when you want to take a real pause go ahead and look down you know in a substantive way how about our hands the first thing we did was to shake hands you’re sending a signal with that handshake and there’s nothing worse than someone who grabs a hold of your hand and hangs on too long and pumps and pumps and pumps or

i think ii were worse and i think women are a little bit more guilty of that the little finger class like a fish it is like our cold fish at the worst right not good and posture what’s the difference and what should we be doing well you want to have good posture just like your mother always told you to the trick is to drop your shoulders back and that will give you a nice presence and then notice how I’m tilting forward from the waist a little bit this is a very interactive posture I’m signaling to you that I’m engaged I’m interested in what you have to say and again it’s conversational there’s so much good information here what’s the one thing you would like people to take away from all of this good steady eye contact and good posture and you’ll great create a great first impression

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